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AWE Awards
At its annual Workplace Excellence Awards Event the AWE recognizes employers with four awards. AWE award winners represent over one million employees from small, medium and large companies, in the private, nonprofit and public sectors nationwide. Industries include: retail, technology, biotechnology, education, healthcare, hospitality, financial services and many more.
The 2017 AWE Awards Application Cycle is now open!
To request a 2017 award application package, please email with your:

1.) Primary contact (name, email, and phone number);
2.) Name of company applying for recognition;
3.) The application(s) your company would like to
complete (Workplace Excellence, Health & Wellness,
EcoLeadership,and/or Diversity Champion).

AWE will email the primary contact listed with the link to access the application package
within 1-2 business days. Please contact AWE with any questions.

The 2017 application deadline is Friday, January 6, 2017!

Diversity Champion Award
Diversity Champions are companies committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment.  Their diversity initiatives extend beyond their workplace to include diversity in their products and services and supplier diversity.

Applicants are recognized based on many components, including:
Workforce demographics
Products and services diversity

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Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval Award
Beginning in 1999, Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval winners have shown an outstanding commitment to overall workplace quality. Winning organizations are selected based on their commitment to creating the best possible workplace for their employees.

Applicants are evaluated on many components including:
Corporate culture and management practices
Flexibility of work environment
Communication and employee engagement programs

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Health & Wellness Seal of Approval Award
Launched in 2006 the Health & Wellness Seal of Approval application recognizes employers that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their employees’ health and wellness – and have led the way by developing and implementing innovative programs.

Outstanding wellness programs include:
Education and awareness
Health and wellness programs
Health and wellness assessments

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AWE EcoLeadership Award
Since 2009, this award has recognized employers demonstrating visionary leadership and an outstanding commitment to environmentally sustainable workplaces and efficient use of resources.

Applicants are evaluated according to several environmental best practices:
Waste minimization
Water conservation
Energy efficiency

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