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2011 Q & A

QUESTION: Assuming financial resources are not an issue, what programs and services would you implement to encourage employees to live healthy and happy lives?

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

We’d implement predictive modeling and offer intensive, individualized services to help people improve their health.

Asbury Methodist Village

Assuming financial resources were not an issue, we would expand our current fitness center in square footage, equipment, and staff to offer fitness options for our varied associate needs. We would also increase our financial incentive program that rewards healthy habits.

Calvert Memorial Hospital

The hospital would provide a late night café to provide healthy meals to our night staff. Night shift workers seem to make the worst food choices and snack just to stay awake. We would also provide a small-supervised exercise room so night shift employees could squeeze in their fitness and get re-energized.

CarMax, Inc.

We are doing this right now! During the last year, the Company hosted health fairs for Associates at 11 stores. According to our vendors, industry participation standards are 30 to 35 percent. Of 2,250 eligible Associates, 1,125 participated in the health screenings and health risk assessment reports — a 50 percent participation rate. This is an increase from last year’s rate of 42 percent. We are continuing to expand the health fair program, with fairs planned at 19 stores in fiscal year 2011.

CarMax is committed to helping Associates reach their financial goals too. This past year, the Benefits team visited 49 stores to discuss various personal finance topics, including debt management, saving for college, and investing for retirement. The visits were well received and the team plans to continue their financial wellness education throughout the year. We are on track to reach the remaining 53 stores during 2010.

In addition, CarMax offers Associates a wide variety of wellness benefits. Below is a description of what CarMax provides:

• Tobacco Cessation Program CarMax offers a financial assistance incentive for the full cost of the program to Associates who have been with the Company for 12 months or more. In 2010, we added the financial assistance incentive to the associate’s spouse and/or domestic partner.
• Weight Watchers Program CarMax offers financial assistance and incentives to associates who enroll in the program. In 2010, we added a Lifetime Goal Achievement Award of $100.

Chaney Enterprises

• We are geographically spread out from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the southern part of Virginia. This makes delivering training to each location on a consistent basis a challenge. If resources were available, we would create a mobile training lab that could be taken from to assure that all employees have access to each training program in a timely manner.
• Flexible work arrangements would be addressed to determine the feasibility of implementing additional benefits
• Add a health professional to our team that could would, among other things, act as a liaison between our employees and today’s health care system.

Chesapeake-Potomac Home Health Agency, Inc.

If financial resources were not an issue, CPHHA would like to:

• Open a day care center nearby for staff that was open during regular business hours to serve staff with young children. We would also want the facility to have a special room that could accommodate school age children who were ill and could not attend school. This would reduce many of the stresses of staff with young children.
• Offer free oil changes and car washes for staff would put a lot of mileage on their personal vehicles while performing homecare visits.

Civista Medical Center

Bringing concierge services to the workplace. Having identified resources that appeal to all employees. Buy Local program with a CSA.


CollabraSpace already has a few programs in place to encourage employees to live healthy and happy lives. Time away from work is equally important, CollabraSpace encourages and supports community outreach programs, company sponsored functions, after-hour networking events, professional seminars and numerous opportunities to make a life—not just a living.

College of Southern Maryland

We continually look for new no-cost or low-cost programs to implement to encourage employee well-being. A new program for 2010 that is being offered to employees is our Time-Off for Fitness program, where employees can use a specific amount of work time each week for fitness. This encourages employees to walk on campus, use our on-campus fitness centers or engage in other fitness activities to promote their health & well-being.

Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation

CMDC would like to sponsor more family oriented activities such as sporting events, excursions to amusement parks, fishing trips, etc.  In addition, to encourage employees to lead a healthy and happy life, CMDC would offer nutrition classes, weight control programs, cholesterol or blood sugar screenings and classes to quit smoking. By offering these programs not only would CMDC encourage employees to live healthy and happy lives but would also bring staff together for the events/meetings.

Corporate Network Services, Inc.

In a perfect world of unlimited financial resources we would first build our own sustainable facility with ample natural light and multiple renewable energy sources. It would have an in-facility gym with personal trainers and coaches for weight loss and health problems. Employees would have personalized workstations where some might choose to work standing or on a treadmill others might sit on core stability ball chairs or stationary bikes while working. Bonuses would be given for attaining healthy goals like weight, BMI, cholesterol, high blood pressure reduction or smoking cessation.

Healthy meals would be provided to employees in the workplace and healthy take home meals for the family would be available.

Employees would be paid for a predetermined number of documented volunteer hours during the workday.

Fully subsidized daycare and elder care would be available in our building.

And concierge services would be available to help employees with travel, shipping, mortgages and auto purchases, life and estates planning, wise investing and continuing career counseling.

Dynaxys LLC

If money and space were not an issue at the office, it would be wonderful to be able to provide a daycare center to assist parent with their work life balance. Another service that we would love to offer to employees would be a full scale fitness center where employees could work out in the building. We would also love to offer a healthy eatery in house for all employees. We are hoping as our company grows, it will become more financially viable to offer such services to some degree.

Federal Realty Investment Trust

If financial resources were not an issue, we would enhance our current wellness initiatives by offering an on-site doctor, nutritionist, and trainer to employees. We would provide healthy lunch options on-site to our employees daily with expanded options for breakfast and dine in or carry out prepared dinners. We would also provide coaching to all employees to help mentor their career development and assist with work life balance.

Human Genome Sciences, Inc.

Human Genome Sciences is currently in the process of building an onsite fitness facility at our Traville location featuring state-of-the-art cardio equipment, circuit-training equipment, weights, and fitness classes. We hope that the convenience of an onsite fitness center, available at no-cost to employees, will encourage them to take the time to exercise resulting in better health, less absenteeism due to sickness, and lower health-related expenses. We also believe that the convenience will help our employees to balance the demands of their work and personal life a little more.

In 2010, we added a field sales force that is scattered throughout the continental US. Since they will be unable to utilize the onsite fitness center, we are offering our offsite employees a fitness membership subsidy, so they are encouraged to take care of their health and well being as well.

If financial resources were not an issue, we would ideally like to have onsite child care to provide this convenience which is undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects for parents with young children.

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

At ICRW, when funds allow, we are eager to invest in our employees. Training is a critical part of maintaining a productive and competitive workforce – but it also tends to bolster employee morale to know that an employer is willing to actively develop skills. Additionally, we have found that flexibility – in terms of where employees work and when they work – is a benefit that is highly valued, and has low monetary costs.

LifeWork Strategies, Inc.

In an ideal world, we would have more time for conversations that bring greater meaning to our work and life. We would invest even more in educational opportunities for our staff and colleagues, and make each employee’s personal health and happiness a priority.

Main Event Caterers LLC

Most of the positions within our company have some level of stress associated with them. In addition, being a catering company our schedules are always changing and the number of hours we commit to working every week staggering. This creates many challenges for people in being able to balance their lives. Ideally we could employ a full-time life coach/counselor who could assist our staff with creating a life plan including how to balance their home and work life, how to live a healthier life, etc.

Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union

If we didn’t have any financial constraints, I would implement programs that would help reduce stress and increase their work/life balance. Examples: 1. Van Service to take our employees who commute from long distances to/from work. This way they can relax and catch up on reading or nap on their ride to and from the office. 2. Catered healthy lunches. Employees would no longer have to stress about going to the grocery store for lunch food to pack! 3. Onsite gym and game room to unwind during lunch breaks and after a busy day in the office.

Montgomery College

Montgomery County Government continues to provide to our employees and their families a comprehensive Employee Assistance and Wellness Program to assist in reducing stress and improve overall wellness. We continue to partner with a diverse group of organizations to provide a wide array of resources and support to our employees to encourage them to live healthy and happy lives.

SRA International

If budgets were limitless, we would look to offer the following:

• Provide access to the LiveHealthier services to employee family members over 12 years of age since a healthy family makes for a happy  and productive employee
• Provide enhanced incentives for the following:
• Health assessments & biometrics screening completed by spouse/domestic partners
• Employee completion of SRA On the Move pedometer program and other physical programs
• Outcomes-based lifestyle management programs (normal cholesterol , blood pressure, tobacco cessation or BMI)
• Incentives to include gift certificates, premium reductions or extra vacation days
• Provide an interactive ergonomics software on all employee’s computers with reminder triggers for stretching and desk exercises
• While we reward superstar employees who participate in volunteering, community service and Go Green initiatives, we would love to offer extra vacation days for them
• Provide CPR Anytime training events to all employees & family members annually
• Offer financial allotment for fitness membership
• Extend healthy choice selections in vending machines at a lower cost with offset paid by the company
• Build out additional exercise facilities as most offices and provide onsite yoga, zumba and other classes
• Provide onsite massage monthly to each site

Washington Real Estate Investment Trust

We would probably hire a permanent trainer for the company gym at the corporate office. This would allow us to have more boot camps and to encourage employees to workout more often. For our field staff we would probably offer free gym memberships so they could have the same benefits. Another program we would have is a discounted healthy meal to take home. Everyone works many hours and with traffic on the beltway it is hard to have a healthy meal at home. Finally we would bring in a monthly chair masseuse.

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