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2011 Q & A

QUESTION: It is the year 2020, what are you doing more of, less of, and differently to improve the health and well-being of your employee:

Calvert Memorial Hospital

In the year 2020 we will be doing less disease management and more healthy lifestyle programs at work. These programs and services will include exercise classes, HRA’s, all EBM screenings, more healthy food options in our cafeteria and complementary health services to reduce stress such as biofeedback, acupressure, heart math and music therapy.

Chaney Enterprises

• Many of our employees work in field operations and are in situations each day that could cause sprains or strains. By 2020 we would partner with local physical rehabilitation center to provide services onsite at our locations.
• Expand our Safety and Security Department to ensure all employees have access to ongoing and extensive safety training and that they have the most proactive security support system possible.
• Broaden community partnerships allowing employees even easier access to services such as inoculations, wellness seminars, smoking cessation programs and family support services.
• Further expand our focus on making our company a greener workplace. We understand that we can leave a lighter ecological footprint and create a healthier and more productive place by continuing to implement a greener way of doing business.

Chesapeake-Potomac Home Health Agency, Inc.

Agency will continually utilize technology to help staff better utilize their time and make it easier for them to balance their professional and personal lives. The agency recently was awarded a grant from NIH to perform Telehome services to patients in Southern Maryland. This technology will allow staff to daily monitor a number of patients throughout a large geographic area with easy and efficiency. This will greatly improve staff and patient satisfaction with service and help to assure access to care to patients in a rural setting.

Choice Hotels, International, Inc.

Our current objective involves creating a culture of wellness for Choice Hotels’ associates and families. We aspire to create wellness habits and healthy mindfulness in all aspects of our organization. By 2020, we would hope that these values and habits would be firmly embedded within the Choice culture. Each generation brings its own perspective to the challenges of the day. By focusing on wellness today, it is our hope that future Choice associates and families will be well-equipped to handle the challenges of tomorrow.

Civista Medical Center

More flexible scheduling options to include sabbaticals, leave of absence, career transition.

Corporate Network Services, Inc.

In the year 2020 we will have more employees telecommute into our virtual office environment where they can interact through social media as though there are in the same room. The ergonomically designed personal home work spaces will include some sort of exercise movement to increase alertness and avoid the weight gain due to lack of movement. As workers become less connected in the physical workspace more emphasis will need to be put on building a sense of Community.

Dynaxys LLC

Since it is now 2020 and technology had advanced considerably, I would love to offer to more of the employees the opportunity to telecommute from home. This will help with saving and conserving the environment, help with work life balance and save time but not commuting.

The Gazette/Post-Newsweek Media, Inc.

Less: monitoring employees who have to fulfill our healthy premium program (receiving preventive care, going to Disease Management, taking health risk assessments), more of encouraging employees who stopped smoking and no longer have to participate in the Disease Management program.

Hughes Network Systems, LLC

In 2011, we enhanced the company-paid wellness screens conducted at our onsite clinic operated by Johns Hopkins to include a complete blood cell count (CBC) which evaluates overall health and a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) which also evaluates overall health, particularly kidney and liver function.  These screens already included glucose levels and lipid panels.  By 2020, we will have collected 9 years worth of detailed data in our onsite wellness clinic.  Our average tenure of employment here at Hughes is more than 12 years.  By having this detailed level of screening information, combined with such a long length of employment, we will be able to identify trends in the overall employee population and see improvements in health risks and chronic conditions.  It will also identify trends on an individual level for implementing preventative measures as well as identifying early diagnoses.  With the trends that have been identified, we will see more productive employees while they are at work because they are healthier and feel better. 

The Humane Society of the United States

In the year 2020 we will provide our employees with an extensive wellness program that would include an on site gym in our headquarters office that would include yoga classes, fitness machines and, of course, shower facilities. For those employees located off site we would provide a stipend for them to join fitness centers in their areas. We would increase the telecommuting options for those employees whose positions can be performed off site and allow compressed work week and flex time opportunities to those who cannot work from home. For those employees that need to travel, we will provide discounts for pet boarding to help alleviate some of the stress and financial burden associated with leaving their pets while traveling on our large cases that help protect animals from cruelty.

JBS International, Inc.

We know that in the year 2020, the technological work environment will be entirely different from what it is now. When our senior leaders created the vision of JBS in 2020, they saw people stationed around the world, communicating electronically but connecting with one another as if the whole team was in one room. They envisioned special communication nodes for continuing the intellectual and interpersonal sharing and growth that is a JBS hallmark. The sense was one of community—figuring out how to stay connected in work, while being distant in space and time. The work culture was positive and inclusive. Benefits expanded to include the technological infrastructure that would make the work environment possible—with or without bricks-and-mortar offices.

Mental Health Association of Montgomery County

More- Work/life considerations will become even more important as employers and employees face productivity, demographic and economic challenges. MHA will increase programming to address issues related to employees’ overall health across the life span from personal financial planning & debt management to parent coaching to preparation for retirement.

Less- As the organization becomes less hierarchal there will be a reduced focus on “upward mobility” as a way to develop and retain employees. The agency will seek alternatives for employees to develop their careers and continue to learn in the absence of promotional opportunities through job rotation and project assignments across the agency and in different functional areas.

Different-Social networking will affect the work done by the agency, for example, recruiting and selection, MHA branding, and communication. The agency will need to address boundaries between business partnerships, agency programming and employee privacy.

Near Infinity Corporation

Being a Dulles Corridor company, we are looking forward to the silver line metro coming our way in 2013, with the Wiehle Avenue stop planned about a block from the Near Infinity office. With our Headquarters office in the suburbs, the vast majority of our employees drive to work currently, and some have long commutes from downtown. The addition of the metro so close to the office will provide greener, healthier commuting possibilities.

SRA International

We could be better consumers of healthcare through higher participation in HDHP; more savings in HSA accounts to insure quality healthcare coverage throughout the retirement years; better collaboration with health systems and providers to provide better outcomes and more integrated healthcare (health records, outcomes based reward systems, etc.); more tools and information to our employees to help them make the best choices possible with providers and also benefit choices.  We would include family in the programs that support health, provide options for selecting from menu of benefits what they are personally interested in for total dollar value (allow them to pick and choose from all benefits),  employee empowered as educated consumer of health care and more financial wellness support through onsite classes, webinars, etc.

St. Mary’s Hospital

We would maintain the following programs:

• Fitness Center Memberships
• Health and Wellness Fairs
• Employee Wellness Team
• Support for charitable organizations’ walks/runs
• Worksite health screenings
• Onsite Occupational Health Services for Associates
• Smoke Free Program and Campus

We would do more of the following programs:

• Stress Management and Resiliency Education
• Walking Club / Walking Programs / Walking Challenges
• Support Groups for Chronic Diseases
• Informal Sports Leagues
• Weight Loss Group / Weight Management Group
• Medical Self-Care and Consumerism Training
• Lunch & learn series / Wellness Seminars

We would do the following to improve the health of our associates:

• Healthy Food Choices Program
• Showers for Exercisers
• Release Time for Exercise
• Preventive Medical Benefit Coverage
• Flex Time for Exercise
• Wellness Policies
• Wellness Lending Library
• Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP)
• Wellness incentives
• Bike racks
• Walking trails

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