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2011 Q & A

QUESTION: What is your vision of the future workplace? Describe the ideal workplace:

Calvert Memorial Hospital

Our vision of the workplace is to have an environment that supports balancing work and family with an emphasis on prevention and wellness for the entire family. An ideal workplace would provide on-site employee services such as dry cleaning, employee sick visits, employee sick daycare and basic grocery needs such as milk, bread, eggs coffee, etc.

Civista Medical Center

All employees are engaged and satisfied. Workforce programs that meet every generational challenge that we are facing today and in the future.

Corporate Network Services, Inc.

For an IT company like ours one thing will remain the same in the future workplace, we will still be using the best technology tools available for business productivity. As the workplace becomes more Global it will likely be a 24/7 operation with increased generational diversity -- Gen X, Millennials and Baby Boomers working together in the cloud and connected through the latest social media. As more workers telecommute the social connection will become increasingly important.

The Humane Society of the Unites States

The future workplace of the HSUS will continue to employ highly motivated, dedicated staff that are mission driven in their work for the organization and in their everyday lives. We will continue to offer them opportunities to enjoy a healthy work-life balance and offer them the professional development opportunities that will allow them to grow in their positions within the organization. Further we will have established a successful succession plan that clearly offers the career growth opportunities that will allow our employees to thrive.

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)

As an NGO, ICRW is intimately aware of the importance of resources – but savvy about getting by without them. Access to the newest technologies, top talent and timely information is critical to our success as each enables our ability to effectively and efficiently meet our goal of serving women and girls in developing countries. Therefore, in our ideal workplace, we would have the means to consistently hire top talent, arm our employees with the latest and lightest technologies needed to gather data and all the subscriptions they need to assess life in the countries where we seek to work.

Mental Health Association of Montgomery County

In the ideal future workplace multi-cultural and multi-generational employees will be engaged and developed so that the full potential of the workplace can be realized. Opportunities to learn and grow professionally will be available to all staff as the organization becomes less hierarchical and decision-making is pushed down to all levels. Technology will be used to increase workplace flexibility (i.e., telework), community connections (i.e., Twitter) and employee interactions (i.e. Skype). Employers will improve their focus on total rewards communication so that employees have a better understanding of the value of their total compensation package during what could be a continued slow-growth economy.

The MITRE Corporation

The ideal workplace is one in which there is mutual respect between employees at all levels within the organization, the ability for all employees to effectively utilize their skills and abilities to the benefit of the organization and themselves, one that is diverse and where all feel a sense of inclusion, and finally one where there is a great sense of pride and camaraderie.

Near Infinity Corporation

As a software development company, we pay particular attention to the role technology will play in the workplaces of the future. We envision a completely collaborative virtual space, where all employees can simultaneously work on the same projects from any geographic location – sharing ideas, contributing to and editing documents, and writing new code in the cloud. Instead of storing our data and documents on our own computer, everything we work on will exist in the collaborative space, and our computer or device will only serve as an entry point. We won't work in an office or a cubical, but will move freely around open spaces, teaming together in breakout rooms, kitchens, or even outside at the picnic table. Because many people will be seamlessly contributing to any one piece of work, the concept of personal ownership will become less important than the results of the team’s work. With the addition of biometrics and user-aware devices, our digital security will be transparent to users, who will not have to remember passwords or usernames.

St. Mary’s Hospital

The ideal workplace is one that includes a balance between efficiency and an environmentally-friendly space. This workplace is so healthy that it inspires innovation across the workplace. Employees feel invigorated and energized to come to work and in exchange are highly productive for the organization.

Transportation Management Services, Inc.

The ideal workplace has energy, has integrity, and a cohesive corporate culture where the employee’s goals for themselves are in line with those of the company’s.

United Educators

While we enjoy a teleworking program today, we would expect that to be expanded in the future, offering employees even greater flexibility and reducing our carbon footprint. A four-day workweek and job sharing would be other flexible options.

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