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2012 Q & A

QUESTION: Today's definition of diversity goes far beyond race and gender. Please share your best practices in sourcing and recruiting diverse talent specifically related to veterans and their families:

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

ASHA works to promote and celebrate diversity both in the National office and throughout our membership. In 2009, we celebrated 40 years of diversity efforts by recognizing Diversity Champions in the field of communication sciences and disorders, and Partners in Infusion among ASHA staff.

AtSite Inc.

AtSite prides itself on the diverse team members we have on staff. We have a talent retention and recruiting method is as diverse as our team. We look to recruit recent graduates, recent military discharged, and residents of other countries (holding F1 Visas). AtSite is a true equal opportunity employer and holds things like color, sex, orientation, and disabilities with no regard when it comes to making hiring decisions. We treat all team members and interviewees fairly and judge them solely on their ability to do the job we require.


At BDO, our goal is to attract and retain top talent in a workforce that is diverse in gender, age, ethnicity and values. To find these professionals, we target various diversity associations, such as ALPFA, NABA, ASCEND, ASWA and Out and Equal. Additionally, BDO takes affirmative action to employ and provide career advancement opportunities to eligible candidates, including veterans. For example, BDO posts open positions on a variety of public websites, including American Job Exchange, which prominently targets veterans. To support veterans in our workforce, BDO grants up to 26 weeks of unpaid leave for eligible veterans who are undergoing medical treatment or therapy for a serious injury or illness that was incurred in, or aggravated while on, active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. Our employees are eligible for this leave regardless of whether the illness or injury manifested itself before or after the employee became a veteran. BDO provides a leave of absence, reemployment and benefits to qualified employees absent from work due to service in the uniformed armed services. To support family members of veterans and those currently in the armed services, BDO may grant up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave to accommodate employees who need time away from work when a spouse, child or parent is on active duty in the Armed Forces, and up 26 weeks of unpaid leave for employees to care for a family member who is on the temporary disability retirement list, is undergoing medical treatment or therapy for a serious injury or illness incurred in the line of duty, or has Armed Forces outpatient status.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton has implemented focused recruiting initiatives to increase our talent pipeline by leveraging multiple branding efforts and showcasing career opportunities. The recruiting team has a broad network of relationships with Transition Centers, Family Services Offices, and Veterans based organizations that serve as strategic partnerships to identify transitioning military talent, spouses and caregivers. Through recruiting programs targeted at JMOs, enlisted, and wounded warriors as well as broadcasting current openings/advertisements to the established networks, Booz Allen attracts and hires more than 27% of our employee population from military channels. Booz Allen has an unwavering commitment to the military. Strategic partnerships with organizations like Marines for Life, Local Veterans Representatives, Army PAYs and other veteran-based programs ensures that Booz Allen remains branded as an employer of choice for the transitioning military community. We look for ways to share best practices and connect with other employers. For instance, we annually participate in the Department of Navy’s Wounded Warrior Conference, US Chamber Hire Our Heroes Conference; and the DC Business Leadership Network B2B Vets Outreach Symposium. Our philosophy is we want the veteran hired – whether it is at Booz Allen or another employer.

Chaney Enterprises

Like many companies, we strive to create a diverse recruiting framework based on consistent and transparent recruiting and selection processes. We have built diversity sourcing strategies using technology and new communications media to identify and connect with top diverse talent. From recruiting at colleges and universities that have highly diverse populations, to diversity-focused professional associations, to positioning our company as a top employer of diverse talent, we worked hard on the front end to attract and hire.

CollabraSpace, Inc.

Our outreach ranges from posting opportunities and networking with organizations on base (Fleet and Family Support Center, Airman and Family Readiness Center, etc.) to supporting the Maryland National Guard Foundation, Sgt. Andy Brown Memorial Fund and other worthy causes. We are proud to have prior Service members on board and encourage them to refer their fellow Veterans.

Dynaxys, LLC

We at Dynaxys strive to incorporate diversity into our life at work. We have diversity events where we showcase different areas of the world and attempt to educate our employees in their culture. We have a wide variety of different areas that we attempt to recruit from. We have a relationship with the Wounded Warrior Project where we recruit from.

Federal Realty Investment Trust

In many ways diversity is an outdated term that highlights our differences and minimizes our similarities. At Federal Realty we look at diversity recruiting as an opportunity to source candidates with skill-sets that are unique to their life experiences. Veterans, for instance, have an accelerated learning curve and unique leadership skills because of their military training and we welcome all candidates with this type of background. With that in mind we currently use all available sources from traditional job board postings, expansion on our use of social media, internal/ external referrals and posting to over 20 diversity job boards in order to receive the highest response from the most diverse set of candidates looking to join Federal Realty. Our ultimate goal is to hire the best of the best for each open position and based on Federal Realty’s reputation we have succeeded over the years in reaching that goal and hiring an incredibly diverse set of dedicated people.

Foundation Financial Group

Foundation Financial Group hires based on talent and ability. As a corporation we track all diversity and demographic categories to ensure we have a proportionate amount of diverse backgrounds working for Foundation Financial Group. Race, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, etc. are all tracked. However, as a corporation we don’t fill quotas. We hire the best talent with the best ability. Promotion decisions are made solely on the basis of performance, ability to develop/retain talent and compliance. That being said, Foundation Financial Group is extremely cognizant of the fact that managers and executives must mirror our employee and customer bases.

InTec, LLC

InTec specifically seeks out Veterans to employ as part of our strategic growth plan. Military experience provides quality leadership and management skills; often with the ability to strategically plan for a project or task, delegate and oversee work to ensure goals are accomplished and deadlines are met. Employees are flexible and can easily adapt to different work situations, projects, and managers. Employees with military experience possess a unique skill-set as well as the discipline and work ethic to do any job well. InTec, LLC uses the following strategies to recruit Veterans: •Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) where employees of InTec attend and present at local Transition seminars for transitioning active duty service members to civilian life. •We are active members of Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), recruiting at annual career fairs. •We actively recruit through the Corporate Gray job boards and attend Corporate Gray career fairs. •We actively solicit resumes from our employees who are former service members with associates transitioning out of the military. •We work with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Wounded Warrior program to receive resumes from individuals who have been medically discharged from the military. •Our web site prominently displays the fact that we are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and we encourage Veterans who are qualified to apply for our positions. •We are currently working with Veteran’s Employment Representatives of the Virginia Employment Commission to advertise our open positions. •We have been actively working with various agencies Wounded Warrior programs in the hopes of helping our wounded Veterans more easily make the transition from military to civilian life. •We attend at least two Veteran specific job fairs during each year through MOAA and Corporate Gray. •Our AFCEA InTec representative will also present at a number of Transition events to describe his transition and talk to current military service members about their next step outside of the military. •We post open positions on MOAA.ORG. •Military-experienced applicants are given special consideration during recruitment. If our HR department sees potential in a military-experienced candidate, but we have no jobs available to fit their skills, we forward their resume to another company we work closely with who is also known to hire military-experienced personnel. •We provide a corporate culture that is enticing to former military and that is encouraging to our current active Reserve members. We recently instituted the InTec Military Transition Sponsorship Program, which is our corporate version of military sponsorship. We have several employees who came to InTec directly from the military whom our President/Owner and other employees helped guide and ease their transition to civilian life. For any new employees we hire in the same situation, our Veteran employees and our President/Owner volunteer to continue this same tradition and help a fellow InTec employee transition to civilian life.

IntelliDyne, LLC

IntelliDyne partners with community organizations that specialize in supporting the needs of diverse talent including our local veterans and their families. Through partnerships with minority organizations, veteran outreach associations, and social networks, we are able to build relationships to gain immediate access to diverse and qualified talent. In addition, we train our managers on how to develop cohesive diverse teams. We ensure the conversation goes beyond hiring decisions, but rather addresses engagement and team building to create a rewarding work environment for all employees, making IntelliDyne a welcoming, attractive workplace for diverse talent.

Mental Health Association of Montgomery County

We use a variety of ways to recruit for our openings, including Spanish websites, military sites and general networking. We have found that our diverse group of employees is the greatest source of job referrals, which often leads to a culturally diverse workplace. It truly is a great place to work.

The MITRE Corporation

Returning veterans are a particular focus, both for the service they have provided our nation and for the skills they bring to MITRE. The company participates in programs such as the Military Officers Alumni Association (MOAA) that provide résumé assistance, job search support, and interviewing skills. Our Veteran Employment Training program employs a veteran through the Wounded Warrrior program. Given the nature of MITRE’s public service mission, support of our troops is a priority in company outreach efforts. MITRE outreach programs support troops in the field, as well as when they return to civilian life. In addition to care package collections for military personnel overseas, MITRE sponsors programs such as a fun run to support the Homes for Our Troops program to build specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans. Many efforts are focused on preparing returning heroes for careers after the military: The Veterans Employment Training program provides a severely wounded service veteran with the opportunity to gain new skills while exploring career options during a one-year internship at MITRE. The program is divided into four modules conducted by departments throughout MITRE so that interns can explore new and emerging interests. Suits for Vets helps combat-wounded veterans acquire business attire for job and college interviews. Since 2004, MITRE employees, sponsors and friends have donated more than $53,000 to outfit 106 veterans who have gone on to college or new careers in business or government. MITRE employees have also helped 200 family caregivers with small purchases and clothing donations while they are helping soldiers through rehabilitation. Local retailers provide custom tailoring at steeply discounted rates. In addition to preparing returning vets for careers after they have completed their service, MITRE hires many vets, whose service often uniquely qualifies them for MITRE’s mission. The company regularly attends job fairs for veterans, including veterans with disabilities.

SAP, NS2 (National Security Services)

We are partnering with Hiring Our Heroes which we are a sponsor of this year. We are committed to assisting Veterans and their families find new sources of opportunity.

Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

At SSS, we have created an environment where diversity is valued and respected. An organization that values diversity and inclusion can better assist their clients in reaching their goals and employees are more engaged in contributing to an organization's success. Our employee owners have helped us to build a culture of inclusion - employees here find they have a very real investment in SSS' future successes. Employee-owners strive for excellence in the services they provide to clients, in the workplace, and in the community. It is through employee dedication in all these areas that SSS is able to fulfill its mission - to improve public health worldwide. SSS shares our open vacancies on a weekly basis in our employee newsletter. We also have opportunities for internship-level positions, allowing employment for a diverse range of ages and background experiences. SSS works with external staffing and temporary agencies that are active in recruiting veterans, women, and minorities. Our Human Resources group has established relationships with a number of websites and colleges that support diverse recruiting strategies, including partnering with the Local Job Network who has established programs with veterans groups such as the National Association of American Veterans, The American Legion, the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, “Operation Homefront” – DC Metro, and numerous local chapters from the Disabled American Veterans. We also work with employment agencies, such as VOLT Workforce Solutions, who has a veterans’ recruitment program in place. Our criteria for interviewing and hiring are based on qualifications and not on surface appearance or similarities between the candidate and the interviewers. SSS values the diversity and differences our employee-owners reflect and we provide a work environment that integrates work-life initiatives. SSS offers domestic partner benefits and has offices and employees in Silver Spring, MD; Durham, NC; Kigali, Rwanda; Kampala, Uganda; and Jakarta, Indonesia. SSS has developed Equal Employment Opportunity policy statements and affirmative action programs and we ensure that we have accurate and up-to-date materials displayed.

SRA International

SRA includes diversity efforts in all recruitment activities. At the college-level we actively recruit from universities with strong minority populations including Historically Black Colleges and through active participation in minority oriented campus affinity groups with an orientation towards the resources we typically hire. Our experienced hiring activities utilize a wide array of inclusion oriented resources through our relationships with State Workforce Agencies, Veterans hiring programs and minority sites such as Disaboom,, Diversity Working, Women For Hire, Hispanic Today & Armed Forces Employer Partnerships. SRA is proud to have created a specific Wounded Warrior hiring program managed by a seriously wounded veteran who works with the most significantly impacted veterans and their families to find employment opportunities. Since it's inception we have hired several individuals who meet the assessment bar set by the Army Wounded Warrior Battalion and the Department of Veterans Affairs as being a seriously wounded veteran as well as several wounded vets who did not meet that criteria but still need assistance. SRA has extended this program to include spouses and widows of our veterans who may have to be the primary income resource for a family as a result of the death or severity of injury incapacitating the veteran. Recently, Lester Sauble, U.S. military veteran and SRA employee, was recently featured in a video talking about his positive experience at the Hiring Our Heroes job fair and his experience at SRA. Check out the video on SRA's Facebook page: Additionally, SRA recruiters sit on our employee resource group committees and engage in continual discussions and outreach to ensure our employees are fully aware of opportunities and can help guide Recruiting in its outreach. Recent activities related to this relationship have included tables at Gay Pride events, participation in Veterans Day activities and involvement in social and networking activities with our Women in IT and several minority oriented ERG groups.

United Educators

Even though UE is a growing company, we are small and generally don’t heavily recruit for numerous positions. Our common recruiting practices have yielded a diverse workplace of which several are veterans. In addition, we have supported employees who are on active duty.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is honored to have over 12,000 U.S. veterans employed in our organization. It is a privilege to work side by side with individuals who have served our country and the family members who support our veterans. On the Verizon Wireless website (, we have a section called Transitioning Military specifically for our veterans. Using our U.S. Military Skill Matcher, those who have served in the military can find out where to best align their military education, experience, and training with Verizon's workplace needs. We also use tools and resources like LinkedIn,,, Corporate Gray, Employer Support of the Guards & Reserves, Wounded Warrior Project, Military Spouse Employment Partnership, Military Spouse Corporate Career Network, and GI Jobs. To honor those who continue to serve, we offer an enhanced Emergency Military Leave policy. These benefits which greatly exceed the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) provide the difference between an employee's base pay and the military base pay for up to 36 months. Medical, dental, vision, and group life insurance for employees and dependents continue on the same terms as for active employees for those who are called up for active duty and for those who voluntarily enlist.

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