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2012 Q & A

QUESTION: Social media has completely changed the way organizations do business, both internally and externally. What are you doing with regard to changing your internal communication strategies to incorporate social media and engage your employees?

AtSite Inc.

AtSite is a member of LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter and asks our team members to actively contribute to each. All team members with LinkedIn accounts have linked their profiles back to AtSite. Our team members actively contribute to our blog space, which is then tweeted to our followers. We have also created an interactive building performance game that will go live next month that will allow our team members to become more active in our space.


The firm recognizes the importance of dialogue in employee engagement, and has integrated Yammer – a social media platform – into its internal communication strategies to create a vehicle for promoting collaboration and conversation. With the introduction of Yammer, communication has become multidimensional, engaging everyone involved. Additionally, Yammer provides another vehicle for strategically disseminating news and information, with the goal of obtaining feedback along the way. Beyond Yammer, BDO continues to explore different tools for promoting active dialogue and employee engagement and anticipates incorporating additional social media tools in the near future.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen’s social networking tool, Hello, allows staff to blog, create wikis, and communicate with staff that has similar interests. Employees can quickly find information, contribute to professional and alumni communities, locate mentors, build their brands as subject matter experts, and network with colleagues in offices across the United States.

Chaney Enterprises

Chaney Enterprises has a Facebook page, and Google +, Twitter and Linked-in accounts. The company encourages its employees to engage in discussions, post photos and share comments. Employees have access to e-mail and the Chaney website from their personal computers or smart devices. We are constantly adapting guidance for this new phenomenon to meld with our current means of internal communications.

CollabraSpace, Inc.

We participate and encourage social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and will offer activities, events and information using these medias. We utilize each for promoting awards, events, opportunities externally and share the same along with recognition of team members, and applicable announcements internally.

CoStar Group

This is a breakthrough year for CoStar social media. At the end of 2011 we developed a corporate social media strategy designed to effectively target and engage internal and external constituents. Our media program was divided into corporate and recruiting driven profiles. To serve potential and current employees, CoStar now has a continuously-updated Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel. Our social media strategy focuses on testimonials from current staff, photos of the CoStar work life and job interview and careers tips and other high-value information. Our audiences across these media channels are growing, and we look forward to identifying new and innovative ways to engage our staff. In the near term, we plan to explore internal communications options such as departmental blogs, wikis and enterprise chat features in order to facilitate more efficient communication between individuals, departments and CoStar offices.

Dynaxys, LLC

Dynaxys maintains an intranet that serves as the default home page for web browsers. The intranet features recognition of employee achievements, schedule and description of upcoming events, a section for notes from the president and even a Dynaxys cookbook showcasing recipes for popular dishes employees have shared at events. The intranet provides a way for employees to stay informed and engaged in the goings on within the company.

Foundation Financial Group

Externally, Foundation Financial Group is on Facebook and LinkedIn tied to corporate information along with career opportunities with job postings.

Holy Cross Hospital

This year we opened access to social media sites to all of our staff. We also encouraged our staff to seek and join the hospital's social media sites and become appropriate participants in the websites created as part of our marketing for maternity services and the opening of a new hospital in Germantown.

Honest Tea

We have always had PR but now we have a Director, PR and Digital Media. We have someone fully engaged on social media all the time and our field marketing staff is also focused on getting the word out on the events using social media.

Hughes Network Systems, LLC

At Hughes we are working to incorporate social media into our internal and external communication strategies. In 2011, we went live on Facebook and Twitter and announced internally so all could join and become “fans”. Our talent acquisition team is active using Facebook and Twitter for all recent job postings and to announce company recruiting events. We also pull the Hughes Industry News Feed onto our Facebook account as another way for our “fans” to stay on top of industry news. Hughes’s government business group uses their Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay well networked in the government arena and to market to existing defense institutions. Our business group, mainly focused around our HughesNet Service, uses Facebook and Twitter to enhance our online reputation and to communicate with our subscribers and employees.

Human Genome Sciences, Inc.

HGS is currently exploring ways to utilize social media in our internal communications to be compliant within our highly regulated industry.

Loiederman Soltesz Associates, Inc.

Loiederman Soltesz Associates, Inc. has a Facebook and Twitter page and periodically we have contests in which we instruct employees to answer on Facebook. The first employee to answer correctly gets some sort of prize. In order to answer on the Loiederman Soltesz Associates, Inc. page, an employee has to “like” our page. We also communicate employee promotions, company functions, announcements and initiatives via HootSuite.

IntelliDyne, LLC

In 2011, IntelliDyne launched our own platform for internal social networking communication. IntelliForum is an online, searchable communication space for IntelliDyne employees across the country to ask questions, share knowledge and expertise, post thought leadership and more. In addition, we recently launched a corporate social media campaign to include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. IntelliDyne will use these platforms to share information on company events and connect with employees, partners, clients and recruits. The online communities provide an opportunity for us to highlight our culture and promote our expertise in a conversational manner.

MCT Federal Credit Union

MCT keeps our staff informed through various outlets including our intranet and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We post events, new product info, employee development opportunities and links to job openings on our pages. We also encourage our staff and membership to “like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter for fun ways to stay informed and to further enable us to market our products to members. First and foremost, social media sites help us to announce company events, stay connected to our community, and build a connection amongst our constituents within the school system and the additional select employee groups that comprise our membership.

Mental Health Association of Montgomery County

Our newsletter and updates are all sent via internal email. Recently we created a company linked-in site and have invited staff to link into our site. We are also performing intranet exploration as a way to link our organization, while ensuring that our social media policies are in place to balance our interest in having employees participate, while ensuring it does not interfere with job functions.

The MITRE Corporation

We actively use Handshake, an internal social networking tool to collaborate and share ideas across the company. Our Idea Market is a similar tool that we use to select topics for the company's independent research program. Externally, we have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube. Internally, we have created our own MII Tube to run on our intranet, where employees can place videos of their work or other topics of interest. The Goal Line Blog poses a topic for broad discussion every week.

Montgomery College

Montgomery College's social networking outreach has become a key communication vehicle not only for our students, but also for our employees. Facebook is our most common form of social networking, incorporating Twitter and YouTube updates making it a multi-level outreach platform. The Montgomery College Facebook page is an open forum designed to communicate, update, and engage our internal community about everything from Presidential initiatives, College events, student questions/concerns, photography, and more. Key information is on our page for everyone to read, comment, like, share, and form solid, insightful discussions. Inside MC Online provides daily news and information about Montgomery College. As part of the online publication, employees can like stories and integrate them with their own Facebook pages and this platform allows opportunity for comments and conversation. The President of Montgomery College has a strong presence on our social networking sites. You can catch her updates and notes on Facebook, her video blogs to faculty and staff, and her fun observations and shared photos. She has her own Twitter page where she updates her followers on her thoughts and where the College is heading. Employees are given many options to learn about what is happening at Montgomery College through video, photography, posts, web links, and other forms of communication which can be easily shared and opinions can be voiced giving all employees a chance to interact and be seen and heard.

Sandy Spring Bank

We have launched social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter. Understanding that this is an important resource both personally and professionally, we have created a process that allows employees to be more engaged in the conversations occuring in the social media world. Our president and CEO has created a blog to encourage discussions on a variety of topics.

Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.

Our social media plan is part of our overall communications plan to disseminate information about our company and staff research activities. It is a key part of our strategy to reinforce information about our capabilities and as well as the depth and breadth of our staff. We highlight staff’s research publications and conference presentations in our periodic online publication, SSS Update, which is sent by e-mail to each staff member and is posted on our website’s News page. We then post highlights from this publication to our social media sites. Staff are strongly motivated to send us their information because they know it will have a strong online presence. We try to keep our sites dynamic by posting at least weekly. We also work with our clients to create social media sites for our projects when that is appropriate. For example, for a project trying to recruit subjects for a study, we can create a social media site geared to the specific population we are trying to recruit.


At Suntiva, we use the latest communication channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs to connect with our employees, clients, partners, colleagues and others interested in realistic solutions to the complex business and government leadership challenges. Through our company blog, Executive Insights, we offer the ability to share best practices and generate leading edge thinking. Project wins and successes are highlighted in corporate communications such as weekly emails from the Chairman or CEO, corporate quarterly webinars, e-mail newsletters, and the annual employee all-hands meeting. We also use our SharePoint portal to enable employees to share the latest news – from new employee announcements or current articles on industry best practices to new ideas and suggestions.

Sybase, an SAP Company

Employees in the evangelist and product marketing functions are encouraged to blog and establish a social media following for their content, the products they represent, and the company. Employees can blog both on the Sybase blog platform as well as syndicate their content into online publications to raise awareness to Sybase's offerings.

United Educators

We haven’t rolled out any social media initiatives for internal communications purposes yet, but our Leadership Development Program has tasked some “rising stars” within the company to evaluate information needs across the company and to recommend ways to better share information. We expect that the result of that evaluation may include some social media component.

Vaco, LLC

The hype of social media in recent years has stimulated several new uses of technology within the Vaco office. The opportunities for our recruiters to expand their professional networks grow every day through postings on Vaco’s new website, Facebook page, and LinkedIn network. This gives our team the ability to network with a much broader base of consultants and clients throughout the Richmond community. In addition, Vaco’s corporate office houses a full-time IT team available for troubleshooting all IT inquiries. Realizing the need to work from home on occasion, Vaco offers specific “work-at-home” time to all employees. In an effort to make this an effortless transition, company laptops are provided if needed as well as IT assistance for installing the company intranet system on personal computers. Not only does this greatly impact workplace flexibility, it creates a unique level of trust within the company.

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